Functional Medicine can be explained in many ways. People are often confused about what it truly is, but Functional Medicine can be explained simply as a proactive, holistic, personalized approach to Western Medicine. I believe it’s the future of Medicine, yet there are many people still unaware it exists. After watching my video, “Functional Medicine Explained” you will surely be convinced that this is the future of medicine, too. BOOK YOUR COMPLIMENTARY SESSION: DOWNLOAD
You probably wouldn’t know by looking at me that I struggled with my weight for a good part of my life. I was never severely overweight, but it always seemed like there were 5-10 pounds that would never go away. I tried ALL the diets, I’d lose some weight, but I would always end up gaining the weight back. I just figured my metabolism was “broken.” Can any of you identify? In this latest video,
You don’t have to spend $10 at a restaurant to get perfectly crispy, yet tender shishito peppers. Pick up a bag of peppers for $1.99 at Trader Joe’s, follow my easy recipe, and you’ll be snacking away in less than 10 minutes! Shishitos are the perfect low calorie, nutrient- dense snack for the summer! One bag of Trader Joe’s shishito peppers has 140% of your daily value of vitamin C, 32% of your vitamin A,
You don’t have time to workout…I get it! But, with this fat- scorching interval workout, you’ll feel all the burn of a one hour gym session in only 12 minutes! I guarantee you can find a spare 12 minutes in your day! COOLEST part: it’s all bodyweight exercises. So you can take this workout with you anywhere! For my fellow masochists out there, try kicking this up a notch by holding 5-10 pound dumbbells. ENJOY! Part 1:
Salmon is like the soap opera of foods – it can either be juicy, tender, and complex, keeping you coming back for more. Or, it’s overdone, dry, and tasteless, leaving you frustrated that you even tried it. Am I right?! These days, I rarely order salmon in restaurants because it seldom measures up to what I can make at home (…and also because upwards of 90% of the salmon on the market is farm-raised, laden with pollutants, and