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Get MORE Out of Life


What is m.o.r.e.?

“Mediocrity is the enemy of excellence,” as Dr. Renny McLean so wisely put it. I couldn’t agree more.

As I went through my medical training and observed the inefficiencies of our health care system, I felt trapped. I wanted to do more for my patients. I wanted to expect more than a mediocre outcome. But that paradigm wouldn’t allow for it.

I strive for excellence in all I do and yearned for an approach to Medicine that held the same standard. And that’s exactly what I found in Functional Medicine! It is the root-cause, whole person approach to Western Medicine that enables you to heal and get MORE out of life.

And “M.O.R.E.” represents the four pillars of my Lifestyle Coaching and Functional Medicine programs:

“M” is for the mind. The mind and body are a unified unit. I’m a firm believer that disease is spurred by “dis-ease” of the mind. I guide you on a journey to fine-tune your mind-body connection and overcome the mental obstacles holding you back from your ideal health.

“O” is for order. Many of us have a better system for organizing our closets than we do for our health. Let’s fix that. With structured systems to address nutrition, exercise, stress, and sleep, I’ll help you get the key parts of your life back in order.

“R” is for restoration. No one waits for the foundation of their house to totally collapse before repairing it. Our bodies experience a lot of wear and tear, yet many of us wait until we’ve collapsed into illness to take action. Thus, we require periodic restoration of our vital systems, especially for the gut, hormone, and detoxification pathways.

“E” is for energy. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t want more energy. Fortunately, this is an energy crisis we can fix! From the microscopic perspective, we optimize the tiny “batteries” that power your cells (the mitochondria). And on the macroscopic level, we strategize how to minimize drain from environmental factors – the people, places, or things – that have you feeling less than your fully radiant self.